Now in syndication!
Feb 26, 2012

Well, I should now have a working RSS feed again. Unfortunately, I don't actually know for sure whether or not this is the case due to some complications with FeedBurner. I started using FeedBurner for this blog in 2006, well before they were bought by Google, and never really got around to doing whatever things were required when that acquisition happened. As a result, my account was never properly transitioned. I attempted to do that the other day, but it would appear that not only do I not know my FeedBurner password, I don't even know my username or the email address I used to sign up for it. Everything I tried was rejected. So, I have no way of changing my settings leaving me with a choice between changing the URL of my RSS feed (an annoying solution for my subscribers), or attempting to rebuild my new, RabbitFish-based feed in-place to keep the FeedBurner feed going. I've attempted to go with the second option, and I suppose we'll know shortly how well that worked. Looking at my server logs, it appears that FeedBurner will update roughtly every 30 minutes, so it shouldn't take too long to ascertain whether or not the new feed is working properly. I guess we'll see in about 30 minutes!

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