Adamanteus 0.5 released, now with more PostgreSQL!
Jun 05, 2010

I've now finally gotten around to adding PostgreSQL support to Adamanteus! It wasn't really difficult, just hard to find time to do with everything that's been going on lately (quite busy at work and with the new house). The usage of Adamanteus hasn't changed at all, now you can just specify 'postgres' as your backend rather than just 'mongodb' or 'mysql'. There is one slight caveat, however: the pg_dump utility does not allow you to provide a password non-interactively. For the time being, at least, that means that if you're using Adamanteus to back up a PostgreSQL database you can't specify a password (it will throw an exception if you do). The solution to this is to either 1) set up a read-only passwordless user for running backups, or 2) set up a .pgpass file on the machine from which you intend to run your backups (documentation here). I recommend the .pgpass option, it's quick and easy. Adamanteus 0.5 is available from both bitbucket and PyPi.
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