Blog has been migrated to the Rackspace Cloud
Sep 17, 2009

One of the reasons that I haven't been blogging lately is that I have a lot of planned changes for the blog. Most importantly, I've been planning on moving it to my Cloud Server on The Rackspace Cloud (née Mosso). I've finally taken care of that, and this post is the first on the new server. If you can see it, that means the DNS changes have propagated. Now that I've done this I have a number of other changes planned. I'm going to completely overhaul the backend to the blog. In the course of the migration I upgrade from Django 1.0.2 to Django 1.1. Nothing else has changed yet, but I intend to also revamp the templates, add some fancy new feature to better integrate with the rest of my online life, and start using django-mingus. One of the more urgent changes I want to make is to switch to Disqus powered comments. Previously I was using django.contrib.comments along with Akismet for spam filtering. Akismet really just hasn't worked at all for me for the past few months, which is why comments are current disabled. Fortunately, Disqus should cut down on the spam by requiring registration without imparting too large an onus on the readers by using a number of common authentication backends like OpenID, Facebook Connect, and Twitter. I'm hoping it will make for a good compromise. The most important change, of course, is that I intend to actually start writing again. I've got a lot of ideas that I've wanted to write about and simply haven't because either I didn't have the time, I wanted to wait until this migration, or I was just too lazy. Hopefully, that will be changing now!
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