Car free once again
Nov 03, 2009

After a year and five months, Jessi and I are car free once again! Yup, yesterday we sold our '06 Mazda 3 that we bought in '07 and re-entered the ranks of the urban carless. This is the second time we've been without a car, the first was right after I moved to Boston from California and sold my Camaro. That lasted for about 6 months before Jessi got a new job that was not accessible by public transit. This time, with my new job at Discovery Creative, and Jessi working from home, a car has become an unnecessary expense. A very large unnecessary expense, as a matter of fact: before taking into account gas an maintenance, owning the car was costing us around $500 per month! That's a lot of extra money that's now going to be sitting in our bank account! Of course some of it will go to Zipcar rentals for the few times when we actually do need a car, and some will probably go to getting our groceries delivered by either Peapod/Giant or Safeway, but even still those added expenses should be far less than what we're saving by having no car.
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