A zsh prompt for Mercurial users
Nov 16, 2009

My friend Sebastian Celis recently posted on his blog about a zsh prompt for Git users. Basically, it's a set of scripts for ZSH that allow it to display the current status of the Git repo you're currently in. Very cool stuff, but unfortunately I don't use Git (very often), and instead use Mercurial for most of my projects. So I decided to modify it to work with Mercurial. Very little has changed from his Git version (in fact, in most files it was a simple s/git/hg/), so I'm not going to go over how it all works. If you want to know that, you should read his original blog post. Instead, I'm just going to link to my bitbucket project for it: Mercurial for ZSH. It is, at this point, a pretty half-assed port. There's still some work to do to fine-tune it for Mercurial, but it works. Another thing I'm interested in doing is seeing if I can get it to auto-detect what VCS is being used for the current directory and act accordingly so that it doesn't have to be limited to either Merurial or Git (which goes along nicely with another project that I'm working on and will hopefully be able to write about soon). But, half-assed or not, I think it may be useful to anyone out there using both ZSH and Mercurial (or any any VCS, if you want to fork the code again).
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