BostonChefs 2.0 is live!
Jan 14, 2009

This post is actually a few weeks overdue, but we were away on vacation for a couple weeks, and I'm still in the process of catching up from everything. Anyway, the new is live! There haven't been any major changes since the public beta I announced a few months ago, but there have been a few minor tweaks and even a couple new features added. This is my first major Django project to go live, and while there's still some work to be done it's nice to see the product of so much work finally going out the door. But there's no rest for the weary, and I've got a fairly large number of more projects in the pipeline including at least three more Django projects of varying sizes, and one in CodeIgniter. The next few months, if not the whole of 2009, promise to be quite busy!
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