Comment moderation is hopefully live
Sep 21, 2008

I've just finished implementing comment moderation for the blog using Jannis Leidel's fork of James Bennett's django-comment-utils. I've run a few test which seem to indicate that the basic comment moderation functionality is working though, at the moment, I still don't have notification emails going. It was actually rather amazing just how much comment spam this blog got in the past two weeks since it went live on Django without spam protection. But this should significantly cut back on it. It's really great having such a huge body of quality work out there to draw from when building a Django project. [Edit: Looks like the problem I'm having with email may be on WebFaction's end rather than mine. Nice because it means I probably am doing things right; annoying because it means it's not within my power to fix it. Oh well, a ticket has been submitted and hopefully soon I should be getting email notifications of new comments.]
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