My first Django patch
Sep 16, 2008

I just submitted my first patch to Django! Among other things, this is my first real forray into the inner depths of the Django code. This patch fixes an issues that had been bothering me for quite some time. In Django's admin interface it's possible to specify that a particular field should be automatically filled in with the value(s) you enter in some other field(s). For example, as I typed 'My first Django patch' into the title field of the form I used to write this post, it was automatically filling in a slug field that's being used for the permalink to this post with 'my-first-django-patch'. This is a very useful features and uses just a little bit of javascript to accomplish it. The only problem is that it only works when you're trying to pull information from a text field. Sometimes, however, you might want to pull information from another sort of field, such as a drop-down menu. Previously Django simply wasn't capable of this. With my changes, however, it is able to handle this potentiality quite well. It's not really a huge patch, just a fairly a little added code to a single javascript method, and there's no guarantee that my patch will every make it's way into the Django code base, but it's still fun to be able to contribute to one of my favorite open source projects ever. The patch, for those that are curious, can be found here, and I've also submitted it to here.
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