Ah the joys of django
Sep 13, 2008

I've just implemented the first real benefit of having my blog now be Django based instead of WordPress based. Because part of the reason I had wanted to make this move all along was to allow for some close integration between my blog and my business site, when I went about setting up the Django project for the blog I actually just duplicated the project for my business site. Because of this, I'm able to use Django's sites framework to have both project pull from the same database. This means that any information available to one is also available to the other. Because I used a ManyToManyField to define the relationship between a blog entry and a site, I'm able to specify that a particular entry is related to either or both of the two sites (as well as any future sites that I may decide to add). This entry, for example, is related to both. Thanks to Django's fabulous templating system I was able to effortlessly integrate the blog templates into my business site without every writing a single line of HTML or CSS. The end result of all this? The business relevant posts on my blog are available not only at joshourisman.com, but now also at dydxtech.com/blog. How cool is that?
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