WordPress problems have finally forced my hand
Sep 11, 2008

As you may recall, I've mentioned a fair number of times in the past that I've been planning to migrate my blog away from WordPress on onto my own custom Django-based solution. Part of the reason for wanting to do this is fun, but also because I'd like to be able to have a little more integration between my blog and my business site. If you're reading this, you can no doubt tell that something isn't quite right with my blog. Mainly, it looks completely different, this may well be the only post you can see, and it might be lacking a feature or two that it had before. The reason for this is that my hand has been forced. For the past several weeks I've been unable to log into my blog. No, I didn't forget my password, it just won't let me log in (it even says I have the wrong password when I try something else). This simply will not stand. So I've thrown together a very very quick and barebones blogging app (and when I mean quick, I mean I did this in less than two hours) that at least gives me some ability to keep blogging. I will, of course, be expanding it to add the missing functionality, and I will be working on importing the posts, comments, and such from the old blog (I still have access to the databases, so this shouldn't be a problem). In the mean time I'm planning to set up some redirects so that links to old posts aren't broken. Hopefully it won't take very long for me to get this new blog up to speed in terms of functionality and design, and to get my old stuff imported into it so I can finally be rid of WordPress entirely. Of course, I do have to prioritize projects for clients, so it may take a bit longer than I'd like.
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