A couple new features added
Sep 11, 2008

Since last night when I posted the last entry I've added a few things to my new blog. First off, syndication. Anyone who was previously subscribed to my blog through the FeedBurner feed (http://feeds.feedburner.com/joshourisman/lRQx), which should be anyone who was subscribed to it, should hopefully still be subscribed. If not, please let me know either through a comment on this post or via email. I've also added XMLRPC pinging to it, so every entry I post should be submited via Ping-o-Matic to all the normal places. Probably less importantly, I've added a Google site search box to my template so you can search my blog, although at the moment it's mostly going to return results from the old blog which are currently unaccessible (but I'm working on that). Next steps, other than getting my old content imported into the new blog, are Akismet spam filtering for comments, better integration of tagging (which is actually already there, just not in a usable manner), post archives (which are pointless until I get that data imported), and better templates. As this is all being built entirely from scratch feedback is, of course, both encouraged and welcomed.
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