WordPress iPhone app
Jul 22, 2008

If you didn't already know, WordPress has released an (free) iPhone app. I'm writing this post from it. So far it seems pretty cool. All the basic functionality is there, plus a few really cool features like live previews that work exactly as they do when you're editing online, and, even better, the ability to add pictures either from your iPhone's library or directly from the camera. I'll test that out now: Ah, apparently the picture(s) will simply be attached to the bottom of the post. Makes sense. If you're wondering, that's Dexter, our crosseyed kitten, named after the eponymous serial killer hero of the amazingly awesome Showtime show of the same name (which is based on the novel(s) by Jeff Lindsay which are, sadly, not nearly as good as the show). The iPhone's auto-correcting type is very useful here. Sadly, it's not all that great for manually entering HTML, which is how I prefer to do things (and, as far as I can tell, the only way to do things with the iPhone app). Anyway, the app is, in my opinion, pretty great. Anyone with a WordPress blog and an iPhone should get it.


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