Sean Tevis for Kansas!
Jul 17, 2008

Sean Tevis is running for state representative in Kansas. Why do I, who have only ever been to Kansas once and that was only because it was in my way trying to get from Texas to Minnesota, care about Kansas politics? Well, I don't really. But I do care about greater civic involvement in politics in general. And I also think that it's almost always a good thing to get new blood into politics and replace incumbents. So when a number of different people all linked me to his XKCD-style campaign advertisement I actually read it the whole way through and then read the rest of his site. He doesn't go into a whole lot of detail on the issues he's written about so far, and he hasn't written about that many issues yet, but what he's got up there now, I like the sound of. If I lived in the right district in Kansas, there's a decent chance I'd vote for him. And I might just donate $8.34 to his campaign because, not only do I like what he's doing, but he made me laugh while he's doing it. Plus, he's got this great blog entry.
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