Mihos for governor!
Jul 17, 2008

I hadn't even started thinking about it, but in the course of writing my last post about Sean Tevis, I just happened to find a very interesting Boston Herald article from the first of this month: Christy Mihos unveils 2010 bid for Mass. governor. If you were reading my blog around the time of the last Massachusetts gubernatorial election (or, as I called it Mass Guber '06), you'll know that I was a pretty big Mihos supporter at the time. Although his campaign website hasn't yet been updated to reflect his renewed candidacy (though it does have the new www.christy2010.com URL), I'm going to go ahead and assume that I still agree with most (though not all) of his positions, and probably that there won't be any other contenders in the race that I'm likely to consider voting for (though I did like Gabrielli last time around). So, as of this moment, I'm announcing my official support for Christy Mihos for Governor of Massachusetts, as well as the beginning of my coverage of Mass Guber '10!
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