A cool feature idea for the iPhone 3.0
Jul 11, 2008

Yeah, yeah, 3 posts about the iPhone in two days, and you still can't even buy the 3G iPhone yet! But I was taking advantage of the new iTunes remote last night as we had some company and so were in the living room and wanted music playing there without having to go into the office to mess with the computer. One of the nice (and necessary, really) features of the remote app is that it lets you turn on and off any speakers available on the network. In our case it's just the computer itself and the living room, though eventually I'd like to put some on the back deck and in the kitchen. This makes it a breeze to have your music play on any subset of available speakers. But what would be really cool is if it had the ability to determine which set of speakers you were closest too (shouldn't be too hard, just see which AirPort Express base station you get the strongest signal from) and automatically switch the music to the appropriate speakers. That way as you walked around the house your music would follow you. Of course you could always just play it on all your sets of speakers, but what kind of fun would that be?
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