Getting there with the TV
May 17, 2008

I posted a while ago about my plans for our TV setup. In the intervening months I've made a few changes to my plans and taken a big step towards getting it all set up. The biggest change is that I've removed MythTV from the picture. Originally I was planning on either building my own MythTV powered HTPC or buying a TVease Zodiac MythTV system. It appears that TVease has gone out of business, so that's now out of the question. But in the course of my research on building a MythTV box, I realized that it would be a similar price and far far easier for me to just buy my HDHomeRun through Elgato and get their EyeTV software with it. I can then just run it on a Mac Mini using Pyetv to control it all through Front Row. With that in mind, I've now purchased my HDHomeRun from Elgato, and am currently watching the Detroit and Dallas in the Stanley Cup playoff live in a window next to my browser as I write this. We've also get it scheduled to automatically record Lost and Grey's Anatomy. So far I really like the EyeTV software. With the HDHomeRun we've got two tuners so we can do picture in picture and/or record one thing while watching another (or just record two shows simultaneously). I've had no problems or complains with either the software or hardware so far, though I have had a few problems actually introduced by my computers. For some reason, my iMac occassionally loses its AirPort connection which means it loses its connection to the HDHomeRun. As a result, our recording of the latest Grey's Anatomy stopped after 7 minutes. Fortunately this won't be a problem with the final setup because I'll just connect the Mini to the network via ethernet. On the plus side, the 802.11n network I setup for my iMac gives me no problems watching two HD shows simultaneously. The other problem we've run into is that occasionally the reception isn't that good. But that's easily fixable by just getting a better antenna, which won't be hard to do since we're currently using some cheapo rabbit ears. All in all, I'm pretty confident that this is going to work out well. And it will be easily upgradeable if we decide we want to get cable and/or sattelite (probably sattelite because if we're paying all that money I'm going to want Setanta Sports).
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