Leaving on a jet plane
Apr 05, 2008

Tomorrow night I'm flying to Dublin. Sadly, I'll only be there a few days (Did I say days? I mean hours...) before I fly to Rome where I'm meeting up with my friend Evan. We'll be spending 2 weeks in Rome, Venice, Vienna, and Munich. I'm taking my iPhone so that I can have internet access and all that without having to lug around my MacBook (or worry about it going missing), so I've been trying to find the best way that I can use it to post photos online. I thought that my Zooomr account would allow me to post photos by email, but I can't find that option anymore. I also thought about using my tumblog, but I can't seem to get the email posting feature to work for it. Fortunately, I also have a .Mac account which means that I can create Web Galleries for my photos. The iPhone integrates pretty seamlessly with that, and every picture I have on it gives me the option to post it directly there (once I set up .Mac email). This seems like a pretty good way of doing it, so I've set one up as a sort of photolog here: http://gallery.mac.com/josh.ourisman#100039 Any updates requiring more than just a photo will, of course, happen here.
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