Safari 3.1, Gmail, and Firefox 3
Mar 19, 2008

Like many others I upgraded to Safari 3.1 last night. Also like many others I'm now encountering the 'shift bug' in Gmail. If you haven't yet read about it, what happens is that for some reason in Gmail on Safari 3.1, and apparently only in Gmail Safari 3.1, when you hit the shift key (or caps lock key) in the body of the message it changes focus. The result of this is that it's impossible to enter capital letters or any other character that requires the shift key suchs as '$' in the body of your message. Basically, Gmail is unusable in Safari 3.1. There is a workaround for most people: at the top right of your Gmail page you may see a 'newer version' link. If you go to that and then select US English as your language, this apparently fixes the problem. Unfortunately, the 'newer version' link isn't available in the Google Apps Gmail, which is what I use. The other fix, of course, is to simply use a different browser. I'm a big fan of Safari, and have been using it exclusively pretty much since it was released. I've tried Firefox a number of times, but never really liked it that much for a variety of reasons. But like others, this problem hasn't really left me with much of a choice. So I'm writing this post from Firefox 3 beta 4 which, I have to say, isn't too bad. It definitely, as others have said, uses far less memory than Firefox 2, which is a big part of the reason I generally don't use Firefox. I'll keep using it for a while and we'll see how it goes. The other reason I generally stick with Safari is the tight integration with OS X, as well as the .Mac bookmark syncing. But I have been looking into cross-platform alternatives to .Mac, because it would be nice to have a solution that would work with other OSes as well (the price issues doesn't bother me so much because it's such a useful product and it's actually pretty cheap if you have a family pack). The one real issue with switching away from .Mac for me is that I make pretty extensive use of Yojimbo which uses .Mac to sync it's SQLite database and Transmit which uses .Mac to sync bookmarks. Not to mention my use of Apple's Address Book and iCal because they sync not only with my other computers through .Mac but with my iPhone. So if anyone can recommend a solution that would allow me to replicate all that functionality across multiple *nixes (specifically OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD), I'd appreciate it. ;)
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