Iceland, ho!
Nov 04, 2008

Today I get to add another entry to the fairly long and growing list of countries I've visited: Iceland. In about 4 hours my dad and I are hopping a plane from Boston to Reykjavik. It's going to be a short trip, only four days, but Iceland has long be high on the list of places I want to visit, so I'm excited to get a taste of what will someday become a destination for a longer trip (not to mention whale, and maybe even hakarl). As I did with my Europe trip last April, I'll be taking advantage of my iPhone's ability to not only take pictures but also upload them directly to a MobileMe gallery, though this time I'm also taking my nice camera as I won't be staying in hostels and aren't worried about it getting lost stolen, so there will be a second gallery of higher quality pictures after I get back. The only downside of the trip is that I'm going to have to wait to Wednesday morning to hear about the results of today's election. We're landing at 11:30 local time, which is only 6:30 Eastern, so the polls won't even be closed yet. I might stay up for a while to watch the returns, but apparently everything closes at 1, so I'll just be sitting by myself in the hotel room... Oh well, I get to go to Iceland. The gallery for this trip will be at:
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