What happens when you give an iPhone to a 2 month old?
Jan 22, 2008

Apparently she sends you an email: From: Josh Ourisman Mailed-By: dydxtech.com To: Josh Ourisman Date: Jan 22, 2008 10:18 PM Subject: d : -- gcrahfh Josh Ourisman dy/dx techn Tel: +1 857-753-0060 Web: www.dydxtech.com Blog: www.joshourisman.com I really didn't even have to provide any help at all. All I did was (using her fingers) slide the unlock thing, and then help her click on my name after several failed attempts. Everything else is entirely her own input. Unfortunately, she seemed upset that she wasn't able to enter text in the body except as part of the signature due to her lack of hand-eye coordination and started crying, so I had to hit the send button for her. But still, I'm pretty impressed that she managed to enter an emoticon for the subject. (No, this wasn't my two month old, I'm currently in Minnesota visiting some friends and their new baby.)
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