Well now I've gone and done it
Sep 08, 2007

I'm writing this from my brand new iPhone. I know that I had previously said that I would wait to get one and that I wasn't particularly interested in the first generation one, but it turned out to actually be a fairly practical purchase, surprisingly enough. It all started because Jessi's birthday is coming up (as is mine) and I knew she wanted an iPhone. We had, up until today, been on a family plan from Verizon, which saved us a fair bit of money over the two individual plans we had before. But because of that it complicated the matter of getting an iPhone for Jessi. So I looked at just about every possible configuration of cell phone plans we could possibly have. It turns out that T-Mobile is unequivocally the cheapest provider, while Verizon is the most expensive (I didn't bother looking at Sprint, they have nothing that would interest me over the others). AT&T are in the middle. After comparing the monthly costs of a Verizon family plan, a T-Mobile family plan, an AT&T non-iPhone family plan, an AT&T iPhone family plan, an individual iPhone plan and an individual T-Mobile plan, and an individual iPhone plan and an individual Verizon plan I found that there were only a few cases that actually made sense. Due to the fact that there was still a whole year on our Verizon contract it just didn't make financial sense to switch to another provider to try and save money, so regular family plans on T-Mobile or AT&T were ruled out. The only way that it made sense to switch wireless providers was if it was going to involve getting Jessi an iPhone (assuming an iPhone is actually worth the extra money, that is). Between the theee options that involved getting an iPhone for Jessi (an iPhone family plan or an iPhone individual plan for Jessi and an individual plan for me from either Verizon or T-Mobile---an iPhone individual plan plus a non-iPhone individual plan from AT&T would actually be more than the iPhone family plan because if the amount of minutes needed) the cheapest actually turns out to be the iPhone family plan. So the only remaining issue was the initial cost of two iPhones plus the early termination fee from Verizon. Apple's new price drop on the iPhone pretty well took care of that and the clearance prices on the 4GB model offset the cost of the early termination fee. So I figured that there's no time like the present and ordered two 4GB iPhones. Making this even more amazing is the fact that I placed the order Yesterday, I got the free shipping that's supposed to take 5-7 business days, and the iPhones arrived TODAY! Way to go Apple. And yes, I typed this whole entry out on the touchscreen, I'd have to say that the concerns about it not being usable were unfounded. The only problem I'm having with it so far are that it can't quite keep up with my typing which can be annoying and takes me back to the days when I was using a IIgs. Also when it gets too far behind the autocorrection stops working until I stop and let it catch up. But even so, this is by far the best phone I've ever had, and I like it way more than a Blackberry. Now to turn of the damned keyboard sound...
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