My first Django site
Sep 15, 2007

My first Django project is now live. Sadly it's not a very interesting one, just a re-develop of the dy/dx tech website. It looks exactly the same as before, but it's now powered by Django. This doesn't really offer any advantages at the moment, but it will. For example, pretty much all the data on the site is currently stored in a database which means it will be extremely simple to add, remove, or change any of the services show in the services tab. Not that I really expect that to change any time soon (although you may notice that the services tab is the one part of the website that has changed; I've added a few, and consolidated some redundant ones), but the principle is sound. More importantly having the site powered by Django will make it much easier for me to add some new features/online services that I've been thinking about for a while. The first one will definitely be a portfolio tab. I've worked on a pretty good number of websites in the year or so since I started this business, and I really should have a portfolio on my website to show off my work. I'd also like to put up a clients tab where I can list my clients and, if I'm lucky, get some testimonials to put up there as well. Then of course there's the WiFi database that I've been talking about for a while, that will have it's own subdomain, but I'll give it its own tab as well. Hopefully now that the whole site is done with Django and I'm a little more familiar with how the framework works development of those things and others will go a little faster.
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