An Automotive Update
Aug 07, 2007

Jessi and I are currently the proud owners of two cars. One, a 1983 Mercedes Benz 300sd, which you probably already know about. The other, an '06 Mazda 3 Grand Touring Hatchback with just over 14,000 miles and an extended warranty good until 100,000 miles. Although we did have to finance the Mazda, we got an absolutely fantastic deal on it (about $5,000 under Blue Book). The Mercedes is currently having a new engine put in. It simply wasn't selling as a two ton paperweight, and we were able to find someone who could get us a new engine for much less than the previous quotes we had been given and have it installed by the end of this week, so we decided to go for it so that we have a chance of actually selling it and recouping our losses. The good news is that the new engine has only 100,000 miles on it. The old one was just shy of 300,000 when it gave out, and these engines regularly exceed 500,000 so I'm confident that the Mercedes is in about as good condition as a car of this vintage could possibly be. Sadly, it's just not realistic to keep it along with the Mazda, and we definitely want to keep the Mazda rather than the Mercedes, so the Benz is still for sale. If anyone is interested please let me know. All the same stuff is true about it now as before: body is in great condition with some minor rust on the rear, driver side fender (and I have a replacement fender that will go with the car), minor electrical issues (radio, sunroof, passenger power seat), and a ton of spare parts including an extra set of wheels with some very nice snow tires and two extra rear differentials (one for a gasoline model that will get you better mileage if you use it on a diesel). The Mazda even comes with an amusing name. I'm not really one of those people who's into naming my car (I mean really, it's just a car...). This time, however, the car definitely has a name. When we were getting into it to drive away from the lot we discovered what appears to be the only remnant left of the previous owner (well, probably lessor considering the low mileage and recent model year): an SAT vocab flash card. The word on the card? 'Recalcitrant'. Considering the huge amounts of trouble, stress, and anxiety we've gone through with this whole car ordeal leading to us buying the Mazda in the first place (and, really, continuing until the Benz sells) we decided that it's the perfect name for the car. So our nice 'new' Mazda 3 shall now be known as The Recalcitrant ('recalcitrant' just sounds like a ship name to me, so it was either that or U.S.S. Recalcitrant... or, I suppose, HMS Recalcitrant).
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