Well gee, that's a little insulting
Aug 03, 2007

I just received a phone call from an 866 number. It's not the first time this week that I've gotten a call from that number, but the other times, for some reason, whenever I answered, the person on the other side hung up. This time they didn't. It was a woman telling me that I'd been entered into some sweepstakes to win $25,000, a BMW, or some other prizes. I've gotten calls like this before, but I was a little bored so I just played along. I answered a few basic questions (no personal information), and then they came to it: they wanted to give me a free diamond watch, and free magazine subscriptions for 60 months (5 years?!?). And in exchange all I had to do was sign up TV Guide at $3.99/week. I have no real desire to get TV Guide—it wouldn't do me a whole lot of good seeing as we don't own a TV—and I wasn't particularly interested in the other magazines either since I can get all the content they offer online. So I told the women that I wasn't interested because I don't really read magazines. Her response to that? 'Well, I understand. Some of us aren't as avid readers as others.' What?!? Seriously?!? Did the telemarketer just accuse me of being illiterate? I hadn't realized that reading magazines was a sign of being cultured. Obviously I should replace my bookshelves crammed full of actual books with magazine subscriptions! Amazingly enough, she said that I was still entered in the sweepstakes. Usually they disqualify you when you refuse to subscribe to their magazines in exchange for a diamond watch (yes, it's always magazines and watches). I'll happily take their money or their nice car, but whatever little chance there ever was that they'd get a single penny from me is now gone. They're certainly not going to get the $200+ they want for a fairly pointless magazine that I have no interest or use for.
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