Facebook attains relevance!
Aug 13, 2007

Prior to now, I've never really been a fan of Facebook. I had an account because it was useful to have, but I never logged in except when I got an email saying that someone was requesting an interaction of some sort. Recently I've actually been spending a fair amount of time on Facebook because the whole application thing intrigues me and I want to see how people are using it and what it's capable of. Yesterday, a friend of mine pointed out an application to me that has finally justified the existence of Facebook. For the past few months I've made extensive use of Scrabulous, a site that lets you play Scrabble online for free. One of their better features is 'Email Scrabble' which lets you play Scrabble with anyone else over email. It works very well, and is convenient for someone who, like me, doesn't usually get big chunks of free time all at once, but often has a minute or two here and there. Now, however, they have a Facebook app. The way you play is pretty much exactly the same, except that now the board is inside a Facebook window. However the integration with Facebook has lead to some very cool new features. For example, when you invite someone to a game you don't need their email address any more you just start typing their name in and it auto-completes it based on your Facebook friends; up to four people per game (only two for a regular email game). It also keeps track of your statistics and puts them on your Facebook profile. And I now have a link on my profile so that anyone can challenge me to a game of Scrabble. And if you like Scrabble, I welcome the challenge.
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