A car story, and some questions
Jul 31, 2007

This weekend, Jessi and I were down in New York having a nice relaxing weekend. I had gone down earlier in the day with a friend, and Jessi came down after she got off work bringing another friend. When she was down around Hartford the car died on her. We couldn't find any Mercedes garages in the area so we had it towed to a dealership where we had to wait until yesterday just to get a diagnosis. It turns out that the timing chain broke, almost definitely rendering our engine permanently useless. We've talked to a number of different mechanics and it seems the only option for getting the car running again is to replace the engine. This would cost us about $5000, on top of which it would likely take several months just to find a new engine to put in as they're rare and in high demand. We can't really be without a car for several months (sadly), so the only option available to us is to replace the car. Fortunately, it still has some value even though it needs a new engine, so we should hopefully be able to get some money back out of it which will help offset the cost of another car we'll have to get early next week (this parts already planned out and shouldn't be a problem). So, anyone interested in buying a 1983 Mercedes Benz 300 sd Turbo Diesel in need of a new engine? It comes with a second set of wheels with very nice snow tires on them, two extra rear diffs with half-shafts (one is for a gasoline), and various and sundry other, smaller spare parts. It could be a great car, and I was really looking forward to driving it for many years to come. Also, does anyone know of a good, cheap way that we could get it back up here from Hartford? Regardless of where the eventual buyer lives, we need to move it out of the dealership's lot where it currently is. P1010468 P1010471
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