If only I had had my camera...
Jul 26, 2007

About 30 minutes ago I was sitting in the Porter Square Breugger's working (I've since gotten tired of being there and am now working at home on our back porch) when something interesting happened. At first, all I could hear was squealing tires. There was a collective gasp from most of the people in there (who, I assume, had a better view than I). Then, about 30 seconds later, further tire squealing and further collective gasping. Mere seconds later there was further tire squealing and a loud clunk as a small, light blue, early 90s Japanese car slammed into the back of a taxi right outside the window. More tire squealing ensued as the little blue import pushed the relatively huge (about twice it's size) Crown Victoria the remaining 10-15 feet to the end of the block, at which point the cabbie wisely decided to pull around the corner and get out of the way. The import, undeterred, sped across the busy intersection (through a red light as cross-traffic sped along) and turned left attempting, presumably, to merge illegally with the cross traffic. At this point I lost sight of the car as just about everyone in Breugger's had jumped up and run to the window to see what was going on. At about this time another car pulled up by the window I was sitting next to and stopped. Everyone in the car—three or four people—jumped out and after a cursory examination of their own vehicle joined the people who were basically running down the street to see what had happened in the aftermath. Long story short, the little blue import was driven by an older woman. While driving down Lancaster St. towards Mass Ave. had apparently lost control of her car. We (the customer of Breugger's) assume that she must have, in the ensuing chaos, hit the gas instead of the brakes. She hit one car up beyond where I could see, then continued down to the corner of Mass Ave. where she hit the cab. Unable to stop (from her point of view, anyway) she plowed through the cab and into cross-traffic. Eventually she was able to stop the car at the corner of Mass Ave. and Somerville Ave. Last I saw, as I was walking back home, she was still sitting in the car while the occupants of the cab and the other car that was hit were parked behind her, walking around on the phone (the cabbie presumably with his employer and the other with their insurance company). All in all, I'd say this was an extremely happy ending to what could have been one of those 'old-person-who-really-shouldn't-be-driving-meets-farmers-market' scenarios. Usually I'm not lucky enough to be present for such exciting goings-on. I'm glad that, having been present, I didn't have to witness anything more gruesome.
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