Roswell Revealed
Jun 13, 2007

Rhea, over at The Boomer Chronicles, has just posted about some very interesting information. Apparently Jesse Marcel Jr., son of the late US Army Intelligence officer Major Jesse Marcel, is releasing a book telling his father's story. This doesn't really sound very interesting unless you happen to know that Major Marcel was the first officer on the scene of a crashed aircraft in July 1947 at none other than Roswell, NM. Jesse Jr. claims that he will be revealing the true story of what happened; a story his father was never allowed to tell due to the military's official coverup of the incident. Everything about this book, of course, will have to be taken with a grain of salt, but I—and a lot of other people—have been fascinated by this story since I was a kid. I'm definitely curious to see what Marcel has to say, though the possibility that he's just trying to use his position as a relative insider to cash in on the gullibility of the UFO crowd seems rather high. Regardless, I'm sure it will be an interesting read, and that it will prove to be an incredibly popular (and lucrative) book.
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