A very strange text message
Jun 11, 2007

Last night, at 11:22 PM, I was driving down Mass. Ave. when I received what is probably the strangest text message I've ever gotten: Cheri est ce que tu me comprends je t'aime j'envie de te voir a mes cote pour t'embrasser sans cesse.I NEED YOU DARLING bonne nuit LOVE Fortunately, my French is good enough that I can translate: Darling [or possibly a woman named Cheri], do you understand me? I love you. [Possibly: do you understand that I love you] I need to see you a mes cote [I'm not sure what that means. Perhaps it's supposed to be à mes côte: at my coast? If it's supposed to be coté (dimension) it makes even less sense. And, of course, mes is plural while cote would appear to be singular.] in order to kiss you forever. I NEED YOU DARLING good night LOVE The number it came from is international, but as I was driving at the time and not at my computer all I could tell was that I was pretty sure it it wasn't France's country code. It also had the wrong number of digits to be a Canadian number, and it had the 011 prefix which I don't think is needed with Canada. So it couldn't have been from any of my friends in France (who are also excluded in that I don't think any of them have my cell number). Turns out I was right, France is 33, this message came from a 509 number which it turns out is Haiti. So I've got four possible theories about this message:
  1. Cheri is a name: Someone in Haiti had a fight with their American girlfriend named Cheri and accidentally sent the message to me instead.
  2. Cheri is the (masculine version of the) word 'darling': Someone in Haiti had a fight with their American boyfriend and accidentally sent the message to me.
  3. Cheri is the (masculine version of the) word 'darling': I have a secret Haitian admirer.
  4. It's some sort of scam.
In any event, what I should do about it is unclear. If it's likely a scam, I should probably ignore it. If it's a secret admirer ...I'm not really sure what to do. If it was sent to the wrong number maybe I should respond and let them know so they don't keep wasting both of our money on international text messages. What do you all think I should do?
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