Curses, foiled again!
May 24, 2007

Well, Zooomr (my photo hosting service of choice) is currently in the middle of an upgrade so I can't upload the pictures I have either from the trip or of the car. So I'll unleash my newest rant about the RMV. As you may recall, Jessi and I went to the RMV a little while ago to convert our out of state licenses to Massachusetts ones. After more or less an entire day and two trips to the RMV in Chinatown, we had failed. So we decided that this past Monday, as our first full day back from Wales and the day before Jessi started her new job, we would handle all the car stuff: picking up the plates and registration from the insurance company who had taken care of all that for us, getting our Massachusetts licenses, and actually driving the car to Somerville from Franklin. The RMV, of course, apparently felt the need to throw a wrench in our works yet again. We got there pretty early, maybe 10 am, so there weren't that many people in front of us. We waited for about an hour until there were only two people ahead of us in line. Finally we were going to be finished with the damned RMV and have all that needless, inefficient bureaucracy behind us! Then, mere minutes before Jessi's number was to be called, and mine right after, an RMV employee appeared in a flash of smoke and brimstone to inform us that 'Social Security [was] down' and so they couldn't process any new licenses or license conversions. All they could do was renew existing licenses because that process didn't require confirming your identity with social security. As I had already gone most of the way through the process before only to be turned away when my passport, California license, and bank statement proved to be insufficient proof of my date of birth, signature, and Massachusetts residency, I thought that maybe they would still be able to take care of my license. Alas, this was not too be. They also informed me that the problem would be affecting all branches foiling our backup plan of going to the Watertown RMV once we had our car. So now we have our sweet new ride, insurance, registration, and parking permit, but are still without our Massachusetts licenses. For the time being, at least, the RMV has overtaken the MBTA (and IRS) as my least favorite governmental body.
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