We've been in Porter Square for about four months
Apr 24, 2007

and I'm still continually finding things that make me like it here even more. Moving to Boston from San Francisco, I was a little worried that I'd be giving up the amazing variety and quality of food that was available to me. I was particularly concerned about Mexican food. Fortunately, it didn't take long for Jessi to introduce me to Anna's Taqueria, a burrito joint that makes burritos almost identical to those at Gordo Taqueria, my favorite burrito place in San Francisco (and it's been said that the owners are related, certainly their menus are). I won't say that it was a condition of choosing this condo, but the fact that there's an Anna's right down the street from us certainly made this location a little more amenable to me. Then, after we moved here, we discovered Tacos Lupita, a Salvadorean restaurant that's also within easy walking distance of our condo and which serves absolutely amazing food (though not quite Mexican). I've since put together a rather extensive list of good-sounding restaurants around us to try. One of the places on that list was The Half-Shell which is actually right down the street from us. I'm a huge fan of gyros, and they have a sign advertising their gyros right out front, so I'd been meaning to give them a try for a while. This afternoon I went to get a haircut (Charlie's Barber Shop is a really good barber shop that's also right down the street from us) and decided to stop in at Half-Shell and finally give their gyro a try. It was really good, but that's not the best part. The best part, is that they serve gyro pizza. I first had gyro pizza while I was a student at Carleton College in Minnesota. I was immediately a fan. Sadly, I'd never, until now, found a place that serves it outside of Minnesota. One of the reasons I was looking for a place around here that has good gyro is so I could try and get them to make me a gyro pizza for me. But now, my search is over. If you've never had a gyro pizza before, I highly recommend you head over to Half-Shell and give it a shot. Now that I know there's one, there's probably other places around that serve it too, I'll have to try and put together a list, because I'm definitely going to be insisting that all my friends in the Boston area give it a try.
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