I'm a high profile blogger?
Apr 24, 2007

I was rather surprised today to get an email inviting me to a meeting with the co-President and co-Founder of Wainwright Bank, Robert Glassman. Apparently Wainwright, as a socially progressive bank, is reaching out to the local progressive blogging community and I was one of the small group of people they sent the initial invitation to. I'd like to think that this is indicative of my status as a high profile blogger, but I imagine it has more to do with the fact that I've written about Wainwright on several occasions. I suppose, when you think about it, I may not actually be that bad of a choice. I may not have the most popular blog around, but it definitely has a readership, and that readership is continually growing. I've also got some first hand experience on the value of blogs as marketing tools, and I have more direct experience with internet marketing through my position at Triworks which, while not a marketing company per se, certainly requires me to think about internet marketing and the issues related to it. At any rate, they also asked me to spread the love and forward the invitation on to other progressive bloggers in the Boston/Cambridge/Somerville area. I'll be sending it along to those bloggers whom I already know of course, but there are certainly others out there that have slipped my mind. So if you fit into that category, feel free to contact me and I'll forward the invitation to you (I'm not about to publish the cell phone number I was given to RSVP to...). It's just too bad that Bruce isn't around any more...
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