Decision made
Mar 06, 2007

I'm now banking with Wainwright Bank. Well, technically I'm now banking with Wainwright Bank in addition to Bank of America (not going to put all my money with Wainwright until I get my ATM card...). I decided that the few small things against the smaller banks weren't really that big a deal. And I actually decided that I don't care that they don't have e-Bills, because I've realized that it's been much harder to keep track of my spending without the paper copies. As for why I chose Wainwright over Leader, well it was really just a gut decision. Wainwright has a few more locations near me, which is nice, but in the end I just felt a little better about them. Highly scientific, I know. I also took this opportunity to finally open some business accounts. Wainwright offers a free small business checking account, which is nice, so I went ahead and did that. I've been meaning to do it for a while as I want to make it easier to keep my business and personal finances separately, and it was pretty easy to do since I was already in the bank opening personal accounts. Another fun perk of having done this is that I can now accept checks made out to Derivative Technologies Consulting. (If I really wanted to, I probably could have done that before by just showing them my business certificate, but it's just easier this way.) I've only been with Wainwright for a day now, so I can't really say much about them yet. But when I went in and spoke with a banker about opening my accounts they were very friendly and helpful. Their online banking is a bit basic, but it does all the important stuff. I do have to say that it will be nice to be finished with Bank of America. Even if they hadn't screwed me over on that $10,000, I prefer working with smaller, local businesses. Hopefully thing will go well with Wainwright, I've certainly heard nothing but good things about them.
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