Boston's new Tremont Canal?
Mar 26, 2007

The other day I went down to the South End to buy a bike off of Craigslist. I don't really know my way around the area too well, so I used the MBTA's trip planner to figure out how to get there. (A lot of people have had problems with the trip planner giving them bad directions, but it's always gotten me where I want to go.) The directions it gave me were good enough, but there was something about them that just didn't seem quite right. According to the directions the trip planner gave me, I was supposed to take the Red Line train from Porter Square to Park, and then get on the 43, a bus that goes down Tremont to Ruggles. That's all well and good, but the icon shown for the 43 isn't the bus icon, but the ferry icon. Has the MBTA accidentally let slip with their plans to turn Tremont St. into a canal? Perhaps they're developing some sort of land ferry to replace the buses. At any rate, it's hardly a major problem, but an amusing MBTA misadventure nonetheless. (It still does the same thing, I wonder how long it will take them to fix it.)
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