I've been waiting for this for a long time.
Mar 21, 2007

I just learned about Tumblr, a free tumblelog service. What's a tumblelog? Well, it's basically a really basic form of blog that involves no writing. For example, I now have a little bookmarklet in my bookmark bar labeled 'Share on Tumblr'. When I click it, I get the window you see to the right. It let me very easily and very quickly throw whatever random things I want, be it a link to a website, an image, or a YouTube video, onto my tumbleblog. I spent a lot of time online. It's kinda my job. As a result, I find and am sent a lot of interesting/funny/strange/weird things. In particular, as many of my friends can tell you, I find a lot of interesting/funny/strange/weird videos, which I love to share with my friends. The problem is that while pretty much all the video sites out there have a mechanism to share videos with people, they still require you to manually enter the people you want to send them to, and they're all diferent, and they don't actually all have that feature. So I now have a tumbleblog at joshourisman.tumblr.com where I can easily share all the strange and funny videos I have with whomever wants to see them. So far it has three of my favorite YouTube videos on it, and there will definitely be more to come (and probably other non-video things as well). Enjoy!
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