A new step
Feb 28, 2007

I just took a new step in this whole life thing: I made my first ever mortgage payment, thus warding off homelessness for at least 30 more days. Speaking of my mortgage, they recently did something with mine that I found a little amusing/annoying. We got our mortgage with Sallie Mae. The first payment was always to be due on March first, and they had sent us our first bill (or whatever it's called) to that effect. Then we noticed that they were sending it to the old address, so I called them up to change it. This, mind you, was about a week before the first payment was actually due. Once I was on the phone with a representative and gave them our account number they informed us that our mortgage had been sold to Aurora... already. They sold our mortgage even before we made the first payment! This may be completely normal as far as I know, but it just strikes me as really weird. Why did they even bother giving us a mortgage if we're never once going to make a payment to them on it? I suppose it's a better investment for them to sell it off before we even have a chance to default on it, but still... Another kinda odd thing was that the mailings from Aurora are coming to the new address and not the old like the ones from Sallie Mae were.
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