What were they thinking?
Feb 26, 2007

On Friday night, Jessi and I went to a BU hockey game with Jessi's BU Com school alumni group. Now, I gotta say, BU has a pretty lame mascot. A Boston terrier? Really? I mean, at least it's not a toy poodle, but come on. However in this game, BU's mascot definitely comes out on top (no pun intended). I don't know what they were smoking when they picked it, but Vermont's mascot is, get this, the Catamite. I mean Catamount. First off, I think 95% of the people there had no idea what a catamount is, I definitely heard a ton of people in our section turn to their friends and ask, and secondly it just sounds way too similar to catamite, which you definitely don't want to be naming your sports team(s) after. Unless, I suppose, their plan all along was to not only lose but to let BU solidify their win by taking their goalie off the ice and still giving up the puck to BU who, of course, scored easily on the undefended goal. I suppose it could have been worse. BU's mascot could be the Eagle.
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