Apparently I might just know what I'm doing
Dec 11, 2007

The other day I got a call from a recruiter. Apparently Apple wants to hire me to work at the Genius Bar at the new Boyleston Apple Store. Presumably they found me through my Apple certification, and I certainly have the resume for the job. Being a Genius isn't really that bad a gig. You get something like $20/hour, benefits, and, of course, you get to play with toys all day. Of course this isn't exactly the direction I'm looking to go in professionally. I have no particular desire to work retail. And I certainly have no particular desire to do nothing but fix people's computers for $20 and hour when I already do that for more money on the side of a more lucrative business. I might consider a job managing the Genius Bar, but retail tech support seems like a bit of a backwards step at this point. On top of that I think I may be on the cusp of moving my business to the next stage. As I've mentioned before, I've transitioned my business into being primarily about web development and services. My business model has been to partner with web developers who need someone to do the programming for them. This strategy has been working very well, and for the past few months I've been much busier on average than I had been previously. Now, I think, things may be about to really take off. I'm about to start a very big project, my biggest so far. Because of that, I'm basically going to be completely booked for the next two to three months while I work on this. But, with my business model being as successful as it has been lately, I can be pretty sure that during this time there will be a number of other opportunities that arise (in fact I already know of a few that will be coming up soon). This is exactly the position I've been working towards since I started this whole experiment just about 18 months ago: having more work coming in than I can handle myself. This means I'm finally at the point where I can seriously consider hiring more people. Of course at this point I'm really only looking for a contractor or two. Someone who can put in a few hours a month for me doing the work I don't have time for myself. Having gotten to that point there's a clear path forward. While I work on this big new project, I'd only hire contractors as I need them for the work I don't have time for myself. Once it's done and I have a little more leeway to think about other things I can continue to take advantage of them to reduce my own work load and let me spend more time on finding new business. At some point after that I should be able to have enough business coming in that I can afford to hire a developer full-time and focus primarily on sales myself. And, of course, if that goes well I can hire someone to do sales full-time, and then I'll really be getting somewhere. The obvious 'end-point' of this strategy is for me to be managing a company that employs a full-time sales staff as well as a full-time development staff. Maybe even bringing in my own design team, although I think I'd prefer to maintain my partnerships with a large network of designers. At any rate, I think I'm finally approaching the point where I can truly consider this whole venture to be 'successful'. In the meantime, I guess I should start looking for some contractors. Any LAMP developers out there who might be interested in a little freelance work? I'm mostly looking for PHP developers, but those working with Python, ASP, Ruby and others are welcome as well. Also, I'd favor the Boston area at this point, but am definitely interested in expanding geographically as well. Feel free to send me resumés at
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