My first iMac
Nov 02, 2007

My new iMac came a couple days ago. So far it's absolutely great. Unlike my PowerMac G5, it plays HD video without choking. Even better, after installing Perian I can watch all that HD video in Front Row using the remote instead of having to deal with navigating through the file system, opening it with VLC, and then setting it to fullscreen. I also really like the new keyboards. A lot of people have been complaining about them, but they're like the MacBook keyboards, which I love, only better. It is annoying that the switched around the functions of the F keys though (going to the Dashboard used to be F12, but it now F4; hitting F12 increases the volume), but that won't take too long to get used to. The only annoyances so far have been dealing with my external hard drives, and Leopard. The hard drives are really my own fault, when I originally put together the 500 GB RAID to store my video I used an eSATA enclosure along with an eSATA controller card in my G5. The iMac has neither eSATA ports nor anywhere to put an eSATA controller card. Fortunately, however, it does have FireWire 800 (IEEE 1394b), so I just replaced my old eSATA enclosure with a new USB 2.0/FW/FW800 enclosure and that was ready to go. Leopard is a slightly larger problem however. I've already upgraded my MacBook, and so far I really like Leopard. However the vast majority of my work requires me to edit remote files which I do using Cyberduck and TextMate (two fantastic programs, anyone who has use for an FTP/SFTP client and/or an advanced text editor should definitely check them out). Unfortunately Leopard breaks the integration between the two so that I can't just easily edit files on my server as though they were local. This isn't, I don't believe, a bug in Leopard, merely a change in functionality that Cyberduck and/or TextMate will need to take into account before the it can work again. I know that TextMate 2.0 should be coming out soon and that it will be Leopard-only, so hopefully that means it will fix the problem. Until then, one of my computers needs to stick with Tiger, and since I already upgraded my MacBook that means it's my iMac. I kinda wish it were the other way around, but it would be way too big of a pain to change that now.
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