Goodbye PowerMac
Oct 25, 2007

Last night I sold my PowerMac G5 and 24" Dell monitor. I bought the G5 almost exactly four years ago on October 20, 2003. At the time it was the top of the line Macintosh with all the options, but since I had an Apple Student Developer account, it only cost me about $2500, the cost of the low-end PowerMac. Despite being four years old, it's still a great machine. It's perfectly capable of doing just about anything you might want it to do including video editing (which is what the guy I sold it to is going to use it for). The only thing it really has a problem with is playing HD video. It had problems decoding 720p H.264 content fast enough and would often stutter. 1080p content was completely unplayable. If it hadn't been for the fact that watching video was my main use for it (I can do all my work on my MacBook just fine) I would have kept it until it either failed catastrophically or simply was no longer able to run the software I needed. I'll be replacing it with an iMac. It seems like a bit of a shame to replace a PowerMac with an iMac, but a 24" 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo iMac will be completely paid for by the money I got for my 2.0 GHz G5 PowerMac and 24" Dell LCD monitor, so I'm essentially upgrading my computer for free. The iMac should have no problem playing even 1080p H.264 content, as my 2.0 GHz Core Duo MacBook plays it about as well as my PowerMac played 720p. The screen in the iMac should also be slightly better than the one I sold, so this turns out to be a pretty good deal for me. Actually, it's a really good deal for me. The only out of pocket expense when getting the iMac will be AppleCare, which I definitely think is worth it. Oh, and I also have to get a new hard drive enclosure. Before I was using a SATA to eSATA enclosure along with an eSATA controller card for a 500 GB RAID, but the iMac won't have eSATA so that's out (and I sold the enclosure along with the G5), so I also had to order a SATA to USB 2.0/FireWire/FireWire 800 enclosure to replace it. Until I get the iMac I'll be stuck with just my MacBook. It's a little odd right now having nothing but a little laptop sitting on my desk, but, to be fair, it's just as capable of a computer as the PowerMac was, so currently I'm not actually missing out on anything other than the bigger screen (and the use of my 500 GB RAID) in the meantime.
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