Somerville power outage
Oct 13, 2007

The power is out in much of Somerville and has been for about three hours now (since most of the way through the top of the 8th inning of the Sox/Indians game). The Porter Square area has power fortunately, but I recently returned from eminent local blogger Jesse Legg's house where we had been watching the game until the power went out (afterwards I contented myself with cleaning everyone else out at poker), and from my bike ride back (not very fun in the pitch dark, even with a headlight) it appeared that pretty much everything on the other side of Elm St. is dark. The Ball Square area certainly is at any rate. Power outages in and of themselves don't really bother me, but several hours of nothing but candle light can start to get annoying. I can only imagine that for the power to be out for this long it must be a downed line or something similar that can't just be routed around. Of course the wiring in this part of the country is probably so old that it could be just about anything. Hopefully I'll know more soon. In the meantime, I just hope it isn't another days-on-end without power scenario like we had in the Bay Area when I was a kid... Edit: I just took a look at the City of Somerville website and apparently this is a 'scheduled emergency power outage', whatever that means. It appears that the power will be out until 8am for the 100 through 400 blocks of Highland Ave. Of course it also said that it wouldn't start until 12am, so who knows what's really going on. Also, my Verizon DSL went out about 30 minutes ago. I wonder if that's related. Edit 2: Thanks to Boris for pointing out that the notice I found on the Somerville website was from 2002. Oh well, guess it was an unscheduled emergency after all. Edit 3: Cool, if you do a google search for 'Somerville power outage' this post is the number two result.
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