Just a quick update
Jan 06, 2007

I've been pretty busy lately, and don't expect to stop being busy for the next couple of weeks, so posting will remain sporadic at best. Anyway, spent a week in IL for Christmas and a weekend on the Cape for New Years as mentioned. Spent last week and will be spending this week getting everything back in order after the trips as well as preparing to move, because on Friday we're closing on the condo. Immediately after closing on the condo, I'm getting on a plane again... So it will continue to be a pretty busy time for both Jessi and I. But the end is in sight! Come February we will be moved into our new condo, there will be no more impending travels (except, possibly, a trip to Ireland in March), and hopefully time to relax. Anyway, related to the move, we need to find some people to take our place in the apartment. If anyone is interested in sub-letting two rooms in our apartment (one is about 10x11 and the other is about 11x12), please let me know. More info is available in this Craigslist ad.
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