We have our own internet almost!
Jan 26, 2007

Yesterday I got a package from Verizon with our new DSL modem. Today our DSL gets turned on. Actually, it's already turned on, we just can't use it. Why? Because we don't know our phone number. Since the line wasn't active when we moved in and we didn't bother getting phone service (What's the point when we both have cell phones?), we have no idea what the phone number—or dedicated data line number as the case may be—actually is. According to the Verizon DSL activation page, the only web page we can get to with our DSL right now, we should have gotten the number when we ordered our service. But we didn't. Nor was the number anywhere to be found on any of the documents that came in the package with the modem. This seems like a bit of an oversight on Verizon's part. I guess I'll just have to call Verizon and see if I can get it from them that way. So I guess it's off to touch-tone menu land for me...
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