First night in our new condo
Jan 19, 2007

Even though we officially started owning our new condo (and had the keys) last Friday, since I was away that weekend the plan has been to move in this coming weekend. Instead, I decided to surprise Jessi by moving the essentials (read: bed and Pigpen) yesterday so she could come home from work to our new condo. So, last night was our first night in our new home (where I'm also writing this post, stealing wi-fi from a neighbor). We also had our first dinner in our new dining room. Though, as the dining room table is still at the apartment, we had a 'picnic' dinner on a blanket on the floor, and, since all the pots and pans and food are also still at the apartment, we ordered Chinese through Foodler (which I'll definitely be writing about). I have to say, it's a nice feeling to wake up in a place that's your own. There's still a lot to be done (Currently the only furniture we have here is the bed, a lawn chair that was on the deck when we moved in, and a tv dinner tray that Jessi brought over when she was doing some painting last weekend. The chair and tray are currently serving as my 'desk'.), but it feels good to finally be in our own place. If I have time, I'll probably bring some more stuff over today (last night we packed up suitcases full of clothes, so I'll probably empty them, go back, and refill them), but the bulk of the work will be tomorrow when we'll be bringing the remaining furniture over in a U-Haul and starting to actually make this place feel homey. One other thing that we need to get done is internet. The essential utilities are already taken care of, but I don't really want to keep stealing my internet access from an unknown neighbor. The choices, basically, are Verizon DSL or Comcast cable. Eventually I want to be using Verizon FiOS, but it's not available here yet. In the meantime, I think we'll probably go with Verizon DSL. It's not as fast as cable—assuming we go with the cheaper option—and it's significantly cheaper at around $25/mo for a 768 Kb connection or $35 for a 3 Mb connection (w/ 'dry-loop' activation which means we don't also need to pay to activate a phone line we don't really need or want) as opposed to $60 w/o cable tv or $45 w/ cable tv that we don't really want (odd pricing structure, that). Jessi has left the Internet in my hands, so I just need to decide if it's worth $10/mo for an extra 2.25 Mb/sec. It probably is. I'll probably be taking a ton of pictures, and have all sorts of more specific things I want to write about over the next couple of weeks, so look forward to that. (I insist!) For now, I think I'll say that's it for blogging this morning.
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