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Sep 07, 2006

Before I actually get into the meat of this post I just wanted to say: I was mentioned in the Boston Globe! How cool is that? Adam Gaffin, writer of Universal Hub, is also a correspondent writer at the Globe and has a Sunday column in which he talks about some of the things that have come up in his blog, the Blog Log. On August 27th, he included my post about the shots fired outside my apartment in the early hours of August 13th. I'm not too happy that it happened, or about the resultant, ever-precent police cruiser in the park, but at least it got my name in the paper! And now on to the real topic: Web design has never been my strong suit, but I'm now working on putting together the web page for my consultancy. For inspiration, I've been browsing the Apple Consultants Network directory and looking at the web pages for some of my fellow consultants (As a side-note, if you search for the Cambridge zip code—02139—guess who the very first result it? That's right, me. Cool, eh?). I've discovered that it's actually fairly common for the consultants listed there to not have a website at all, which I think is definitely a shame because the first thing I'd want to do when trying to choose a consultant to work with is check out their website so I can get a better idea of who they are and what they do before actually talking to them (which is why mine links to this blog for now), and the websites that do exist run the gambit from, frankly, really crappy to exceptionally good. I suspect mine will be somewhere in the middle, as I certainly have the technical skills to put together a functional site and at least enough aesthetic sense that it will be, if not pleasant, at least not offensive to the eye. Having decided on a nice, simple design, I've discovered the hard part is content. Obviously I want to have a description of the company: what I do, why I'm qualified, why you should choose me, &c, as well as a list of the services I'm able to provide, maybe the costs I charge for them, contact info, and the basic stuff like that. But actually figuring out how to present it and the details of what to actually say is infuriatingly difficult. So rather than actually working on that, I've decided to procrastinate by posting to my blog. Sadly I find it's much harder to justify procrastination when I'm reporting to myself.
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