Mass Guber '06
Sep 27, 2006

I really didn't want to turn this into a blog about politics, but I'm having a hard time resisting with the ongoing campaign. I promise that as soon as the campaign is over political posts will be cut back to a bare minimum. That aside, here's another clip from YouTube. This time it's a bunch of Fox News correspondents tearing into Kerry Healey for her performance on Monday's debate. Basically, they weren't very impressed and think that she's going to lose herself the election. They also criticize her for her attempts to gloss over the relevance of the Mihos campaign saying that, if anything, she's helping his position. But enough of my summary, here's the clip: I've also created a YouTube playlist where I'll be sticking all the videos I find that are relevant to the '06 gubernatorial race. It's called Mass Guber '06.
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