Sep 26, 2006

I've posted about Zooomr before, but I feel the need to mention it again. I've recently discovered, not in small part due to the inspiration of my friend Ari, that I rather enjoy photography. So I've been carrying Jessi's camera (a Kodak EasyShare C340) and been snapping away at just about everything I see. The better shots I have, of course, been uploading to Zooomr since they were nice enough to give me a free pro account and all (here are some of my favorites: Bottle, subwaylamp, emptycar, and my first 'decent' picture Pigpen in the window). I'd like to think that my pictures are getting better, especially since I've graduated from my camera phone to an actual camera, though I still would hardly consider myself an artist. So imagine my surprise when I get a notification that someone had commented on one of my photos. Of course, I was even more surprised to discover that the comment was a compliment from John Keyes, a New England photographer who takes some truly excellent pictures. Now I'm all the more motivated to keep at this and see if maybe I could actually be a decent photographer. Now that I've had some more experience with it, I've got a much more well-formed opinion of Zooomr as a service. For the most part, I'm highly impressed. It works very well, has an excellent geotagging feature using the Google maps API, a decent social networking feature, and RSS feeds of your favorite people's pictures. There are two things that I think they could improve, however. First, it would be really great if it had a way to 'favorite' pictures. So, for example, if I were to find a picture that I absolutely love I could mark it as a favorite and it would then be viewable, or at least linked to, from the favorites section of my Zooomr page (would also integrate well with blogs). The other thing that I would improve is a better feedback mechanism. I've been looking all over for a email link or feedback form so that I can request this feature, but I just can't find it. So I'm requesting it here. And just to make sure they see this, I'll link to Thomas Hawk a member of the Zooomr team and another excellent photographer out of San Francisco. Oh, and maybe the Zooomr blog too just for good measure.
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