Archblogger O'Malley
Sep 22, 2006

Today Seán Patrick O'Malley, the Cardinal of Boston, posted his first second post in his blog. I'm about as far from being Catholic as possible (in fact, I'll be going to a Rosh Hashanah dinner tonight...), but I've still subscribed to his RSS feed and am looking forward to reading what he writes. I'm not sure if it's been done before, but I think this is really cool. A Cardinal, the Archbishop of Boston, is writing a blog. Regardless of whether your Catholic or not, or even if you can't stand organized religion, I think this will prove some really interesting insight into the inner workings of Boston, Catholicism, and maybe even the Holy See. At the very least we'll learn something about the Cardinal himself. And, you have to admit, it would be pretty sweet if the Pope himself were to start a blog; a place for him to pontificate if you will ...or not. I do have one slight reservation about this blog, and I'll share it with you: I have many fond memories of those days in the early 1960’s. I will share with you, believe it or not, that I and everyone else were wearing lederhosen in those days…but, do not try to find those pictures because I assure you that the negatives have been destroyed….LOL!. I'll leave you to take from that what you will. In other news, I just read an ad on Craigslist in which someone is trying to organize a networking group for technology consultants. I, of course, immediately responded letting him know that I'd definitely be interested and offering whatever help I might be able to give. I think this is a great idea, and a great way to meet other people doing similar things to what I'm doing. Sure they are, in some way, the competition, but that's no reason that we can't get together and learn from each other, share resources, and help each other out. There's more than enough business out there to go around, and we all have our own unique specialties. Hopefully this will actually happen, because I think those of us who attend will really be able to help each other out and learn from each other. [edit: I was wrong, this was actually his second post. His first was here]
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