Massachusetts politics
Sep 19, 2006

Are very strange indeed. To my 'foreign' eye it would seem that the candidates range from Democrat to very Democrat—even the Republicans would be considered America-hating liberals in some parts of the country. And I use liberal here, of course, in the popular sense of the word rather than the traditional. With the primary elections today, I finally decided this morning to take a look at the candidates and see what I thought. Based solely on the information presented on this is the order in which I decided I liked the candidates (keep in mind this was before the primaries): Gabrieli (D), Mihos (I), Healey (R), Patrick (D), Reilly (D), Ross (GR—Green-Rainbow ...yeah, I don't know either. I actually kind of like Ross, but she hasn't voiced opinions on enough of the issues for me to really know). The primaries being over, my choices are now Mihos, Healy, Patrick, and Ross. I've taken some time to look a little more closely at their platforms now and thus far my ranking remains about the same. But before I get into any specifics, I just have to say: how cool is it that Ross has a Hatian-Creole translation of her site? Anyway, as I was saying, I've been taking a closer look at the candidates now. And, as I suspected, I like Mihos. I agree with him on pretty much all the issues he lists on his platform. We do, however, disagree on the death penalty (I'm against it), gambling (I'm for it), the cape wind project (I'm for it... tentatively), and gay marriage (we're both for it, but he supports putting it on the ballot whereas I think it should be a given based on the Constitution). On pretty much everything else, we agree. As for Healey and Patrick, I really can't decide which I'd prefer. Taking the issues as presented by and not weighting them based on which issues I actually care about, I'd give Healey an 8/12 and Patrick a 5/12. Giving a weighted score is difficult because in both cases the some of the issues I disagree with them on are ones I care about (environment, gay marriage, and civil rights for Healey, fiscal strategy, gambling, health care, and again civil rights for Patrick). Basically to choose between the two of them I'm forced to choose either a fiscally conservative and socially liberal Republican or a fiscally liberal and socially conservative Democrat: the basic political question of American politics. It's not an easy choice to make, as I would consider myself fiscally and socially conservative (where conservative means keeping government and legislation out). Fortunately there's Christy Mihos who's fiscally conservative and socially centrist. Really I think they come out about even. This is why I'm a big proponent of a four-party system, it covers all the possible permutations of opinion in an essentially two-issue political arena. Here's a chart I drew out while studying the candidates initially to help me keep track of who I did and didn't like and why. Os are good, Xs are bad, and blank spaces are, well, blank.
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