Assaulting a police officer is much worse than a parking violation
Sep 18, 2006

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Or so I am lead to believe by the voices wafting up through my window. I assume it was the cop who's currently stationed at the corner of the street who said this, and he seemed to be saying it to some random person across the street. Unfortunately I missed whatever altercation it was that let up to this revelation. It's nice to know, I suppose, that the best use for his time while standing on our corner is giving out parking violations. Perhaps the incredibly loud and irritating 'take back the neighborhood' party they held in the park next door yesterday that drove Jessi and I from our home for the majority of Saturday actually had some effect other than waking us up with a very loud man on a loudspeaker singing the Mr. Rogers theme. In more relevant news, Craigslist has started really rising to the occasion in terms of yielding potential work, both directly and indirectly. On Thursday I responded to an ad looking for someone to help test out a web page. I went in on Friday and did exactly that: helped them evaluate a new design for their site. It's not really the kind of work I'm looking for and didn't bring in much in the way of business, but it may have ended up being much more productive than I could have hoped when I first saw the ad. While chatting with the guy I was working with while there I learned two very important things: 1) his company is having trouble finding qualified AJAX coders, and 2) he happens to know of at least two biotech companies in the area that are Mac based and might be looking to hire consultants. Talk about a big score in terms of new business leads! If I could get work with just one of the smaller biotech companies in the are (and there is just a tad more than one of them here) it would pave the way for me to position myself as a Mac consultant specializing in the biotech industry, something that would likely be huge in terms of establishing myself. I already emailed him about both opportunities, and although it sounds like I probably won't be going for any AJAX work with his company (they're only interested in full-time employees) he's digging up some details on the biotech companies that he knows about for me. I think this could be the first step towards setting up the kind of business I've been picturing in my head this whole time. I've also, thanks to Craigslist again, found some other promising leads. As usual it's mostly web development stuff, but there's also a PC consultant in the area who's looking for a local Mac person to refer Mac business to. It sounds like he gets at least a couple people looking for Mac help a month and wants someone reliable that he can refer them to. The perfect way to start spreading my name among the home users and from them, hopefully, to their friends, coworkers, and companies.
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